10 Easy Ways How To Avoid Getting Hacked

Has it ever happened to you that your email box started sending SPAM without your knowledge? And you only found out about that after your friends told you? If so, you were probably a victim of a hack. Either targeted or random. Nonetheless, it is always very unpleasant.

Have you ever lost your data from cloud storage? Has anybody started sending tweets from your account? Has anybody misused your photos posted on Facebook as private? Or even worse, has anybody misused files “securely” stored only on your device?

All of these are examples of hacks that are today’s reality and anybody can fall prey. How can one protect himself/herself from such attacks?

  1. Do not use one password for more than one on-line account.
  2. Choose long, hard to guess password, not containing your name.
  3. Do not use the word “password”, numbers “123456” and other well-known passwords.
  4. Use a two-factor authentication.
  5.  Do not save your passwords in your browser.
  6. Use a specialized application for storing passwords (1Password, LastPass, etc.). Do not use post-it notes.
  7. Logout from all of your on-line accounts when using a public computer.
  8. Secure your Wi-Fi network.
  9. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. Try to use your cellphone hotspot instead.
  10. Never click on links in e-mails you don’t know, never download anything from unknown websites.And the last advice: try to find highly secured solution for sending files to other people. Be aware that e-mail or the public cloud aren’t as safe as you think.