Security Questions – Help or Threat?

Do security questions increase your safety and comfort level when you are logging in into various on-line services or are they a threat when it comes to security? According to last survey performed by Google the second seems to be true.

Security questions present several risks that make your account more prone to an attack or an unauthorized access. Their easy recognition presents the first risk. Most of us had similar favorite toys or fairy-tale heroes when we were kids; and in today’s digital age it is also quite easy to figure out either your cousin’s name or your mother’s maiden name. It is interesting that even people who intentionally lie on their security questions are not increasing their security. On the contrary, they are decreasing it. Most of people lie in a similar way and thus make the attacks even easier for hackers.

Simplicity and easy way to remember unfortunately don’t go hand in hand. This makes security questions very risky. The truth is, the simpler the question and the easier it is to remember it, the easier it is to hack the account (we all like pizza). On the other hand, there is more room for error when answering more complicated questions.

Therefore it is recommended that security questions are not the only way to protect one’s account from an attack. It is important to implement other levels of security as well, such as SMS codes, security images, etc.