IT-CNS recommends to use Secunia PSI

Obsolete (or not updated) versions of already installed software, including the patches for critical errors, are one of the most frequent reasons for theft or data misuse, especially on private PCs. One of available solutions, which offers users an automated and attractive way, is the Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) application.
Secunia PSI is a freeware (for free) application for domestic use. This application identifies vulnerability of installed applications (78% of vulnerability can be found in software not created by Microsoft, and therefore Windows regular updates, done by most of the users, do not apply) and automatically updates them from one location (process). This is a big advantage considering that on an average PC up to 75 applications with the help of approximately 25 various update mechanisms have to be updated.
Secunia PSI also identifies obsolete software that is not supported by its creators anymore and presents a high risk for securing one’s PC. Uninstalling of such applications is then recommended, which substantially increases the security of a computer.
Get more information and download the application here.