Online Security Threats in 2015

McAfee (Intel Security), the largest technology security company, has published a prediction of security threats for 2015.

Cyber espionage will continue to rise, both in frequency and sophistication. Attacks on the Internet of Things will increase due to the growing number of connected devices, poor security hygiene, and the high value of data on those devices. In general, you can expect more frequent and elaborate attacks on mobile devices across the platforms. Cyber criminals will also target digital payment systems due to their increased usage, especially on mobile devices with insufficient POS (Point of Sale) security.

Malware, ransomware, and newly discovered vulnerabilities in commonly used technologies remain “steady” threats. An interesting information includes a warning against cyber criminals’ efforts to de-activate sandboxes since the increasingly popular  sandboxing is effective in preventing many types of malware attacks.

You can access the complete analysis here: