MediDat – no risks with health data

Safety4Data is an application developed on the basis of in Europe very successful MediDat, EuroDat a KPD applications. To give you the basic understanding of Safety4Data origins and to demonstrate that it is not an entirely new and unverified application, but rather a successor of very prosperous systems in use across Europe for over 10 years, we will introduce these applications gradually.

MediDat is an application that ensures secure data distribution in the health care industry. It is primarily used to transfer data between health care providers (e.g. physicians, hospitals, outpatient clinics) and laboratories screening human blood, stool, smear, and other samples.

We will now describe an actual lab segment system implementation. The first part of the application is the server (run and managed on the provider’s hardware) and the second part the client (run on computers of individual system participants). The certificates (encoding and their signing) are used to secure data while the HTTPS (HTTP Secure) protocol ensures a protected access to the web servers.

In this specific case, we must take the following steps: The laboratory creates a file (test result) and stores it in the client’s communication directory. At an entered time interval or according to the user’s instructions, the client searches the communication directory and connects securely to the server, sends data, and receives a data transfer status report. Receiving files from the server works similarly. The entire transaction is fully documented and the transaction log stored on the server. On the recipient’s side, the file is decoded after being stored on the disk, and can be uploaded to the respective medical software afterwards.

Each user receives his own user account during the MediDat service activation. It is defined by a username, password, and a clear identifier.

Tens of laboratories and over a thousand physicians utilize the MediDat application in the Czech Republic today. The system sends over 2.5 million test results every year, within a highly secure virtual network that meets the strict health care legislation and provides a level of security comparable to electronic banking.

Safety4Data, an application designed exclusively for the U.S. market, works on the same principle and its current form is intended for the general public. It therefore allows anyone who works with sensitive data, e.g. personal data, financial data, contracts, etc, to send data encoded with their own certificate, plus within a highly secure virtual network. As a result, if there is a cyber attack and someone unauthorized accesses the data during their transfer, the data are useless to the attacker because he cannot read them without the certificate used to encode the data.