Eurodat – taking care about export & import

EuroDat e-customs control service was developed during the customs control computerization, first on the national level, and later within the European Union as well. The e-customs control is an extensive information project addressing the entire life cycle of export, import, and transit customs regimes. The complex information system (environment) consists of a declaration information system (develops and processes declarations), secure and monitored communication environment (VAN operator, i.e. EuroDat system), and the General Customs Office system that oversees the merchandise movement and foreign trade.
The declaration company (department) standard procedure used to be the following: all declarations were processed on local PCs, and then discussed in person by the private companies’ employees and customs officers at relevant customs offices. If a customs officer came across an error in documents, the entire process had to be repeated.
A personal appearance at the customs office was required, i.e. an employee’s time had to be invested in the trip and office meeting while it could have been spent on the primary, gainful work, i.e. actual declaration processing. Other costs included transportation and copy-making expenses, associated with the multi functional unit and supply costs.
The e-customs introduction, and therefore the EuroDat system as well, has eliminated a large number of those costs. All declarations are generated electronically, utilizing the electronic signature. As a result, the high cost administrative paperwork is no longer needed, and it takes only minutes to discuss a declaration and, if necessary, correct it. The e-customs administration, registration, and subsequent declarations processing is also much simpler, easier, and faster.