Use Case #1 – Accounting Firm

Small, medium, and large accounting firms often exchange a number of documents with their clients on a daily basis. Most of the data includes a sensitive information, be it the firm’s complete financial transactions, employee payrolls or individual firm revenues. No firm would probably consent to sharing their data with the competition for inspection or even deeper analysis purposes. The same is true about the employee personal data, client and contractor information, etc. Every firm considers all the above data very sensitive and valuable, and in no case intended for public access and use. Why then leave it freely available to anyone who is interested in accessing it?
A vast majority of firms still communicates with their accountants via email, often with no added security. Along with the intended recipient, a third party may therefore also access the information by hacking the unencrypted communication and obtaining the data for its own and possibly other marketable purposes. The internal information thus becomes a public information, and the competition suddenly gains a rather significant competitive edge, which the firm management data indisputably is.
It is surprising how reckless a firm can be with its data, despite the fact that an information on sensitive data attacks across the firms is jumping at us on every corner. Many people underestimate the cyber crime problem, claiming their data is safe at the moment since no one has hacked it (yet).
Do not leave anything to chance and encrypt any sensitive data on financial transactions prior to sending. Safety4Data application ensures an automated encrypted communication for a clearly defined user structure. Therefore it not only provides secure communication solutions, but also saves time thanks to the automated data distribution process. Do not wait until it is too late and secure your data today!
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