KPD – B2B System for the Automotive Industry

KPD is a B2B solution intended for automated data transfers, especially in the automotive industry and its logistics. The application provides a highly secure data transfer between the car factory and its suppliers and customers.

One of the largest car factories in Europe, Škoda Auto (Volkswagen Group Member), has implemented the KDP system to solve their business process automation problem. Prior to that, the car factory buyers received no order receipt feedback from the supplier which threatened the inventory optimization, and therefore the total production process. At the same time, the accounting department requirements had to be addressed, namely accelerating the process of issuing and paying invoices, and also reducing the administrative burden in connection with the billing process.

The KPD system implementation in the car factory and its key suppliers and customers has created a virtual user network with clearly defined communication rules. KPD has also been implemented within the SAP information system, therefore the received order and invoice confirmation is automatically entered from the KPD system.

Thanks to the KPD system, the car factory departments can now communicate online with their suppliers which is crucial to correct functioning of the Just In Time process. It goes without saying that the communication is encrypted to prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized users. The automated process is also cost efficient and facilitates reporting within the companies as well.