Cryptography, Cryptology and Steganography - Term Definition
According to historical records, classified message exchanges date back to several centuries B.C. Specifically to the Ancient Greek civilization; it is documented, for instance, during the Greco-Persian wars. The entire goal back then was to prevent by any means an unauthorized person, often the…
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Pittsburgh Data Security Expert Co-Authors Global VPN Security Paper
In an effort to share guidance and help protect those working from home during stay at home mandates, the Cybersecurity Forum Initiative (CSFI), a non-profit think tank who provides cyber warfare awareness, guidance and security solutions, released an unclassified white paper to detail how virtual…
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Encoding: History, Myths, and Facts
Classified message exchange methods have always been of great interest not only to war strategists, but also to diplomats and merchants. The age-old term “cipher” probably originated from the Arabic word “as-sifr”, meaning “zero”.  And hence the historic…
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VIDEO: Understanding encryption
Encryption causes confusion.Encryption is not easy to understand.But encryption is important for our everyday communication. No matter if we make calls, send messages, pictures or files. Everything should be encrypted to protect our data, our privacy. We got your back here. Watch this video to get…
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Safety4Data Helpful Resource for Real Estate Brokers
No matter in which field you work, protecting your client data should be among your top priorities. There is nothing worse than losing your clients’ trust, and as a result, your good reputation, due to careless handling of your clients’ sensitive data. And it makes no difference whether…
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Safety4Data on TechVibe Radio
We love Pittsburgh Tech Council.And we appreciate every chance to get on their TechVibe Radio show to talk to briliant Jonathan Kersting. Last time we did that was back in December when we briefly talked about our company, updates to Safety4Data and how important it is to use encryption for you…
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Flash Drive Threats
Within the last decade or so, removable USB flash drives have become one of the most frequently used tools for data transfer and storage. Most of us cannot imagine our lives without them. We continue to use them on a daily basis, often without a second thought. We must, however, bear in mind that…
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Data Breach Causes
Most people picture hacker groups, state-of-art computer technology, and sophisticated cyber attacks behind a data breach. However, we should not forget the other side of the coin, i.e. data and information breach caused by employees themselves, the so-called internal security threat. According to…
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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Are Inside Your Company
When I read the Harvard Business Review article by Marc van Zadelhoff in 2016, I took a look at our small company and found a number of, call it, “best practices,” think about for our cybersecurity. This, along with trying to gain more revenue, serve our customers and simply to grow the…
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